Earlier in the week, Masahiro Sakurai teased that he’d be joining with a YouTube Channel for a bit of a gameplay collaboration, but he didn’t share specifics. Just hours ago, Sakurai has revealed that he’s teaming with none other than the Kacho for a Game Center CX crossover!

Announced via YouTube, Sakurai has said that he’s working with Arino Kacho on a collaborative Game Center CX (Retro Game Master in English) video project. Both Sakurai and the Kacho will be appearing in the video together to play some games and generally have a bit of fun!

The first episode is available now, and in English at that. While the original plan was to only release this video in Japanese, localization studio 8-4 stepped in to handle English subtitles. You can enjoy the episode above.

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8M ago

I knew it! I knew it's the guy that played with Satoru Iwata...whats his name again?