The Sakabato has been stolen and Ryuudama has the mission to recover it. Try the different narrative routes to get to know all the characters, scenarios and stories behind it. Will you get the story canon the first time?

Kittengumi: The Sakabato’s Thief is a visual novel developed by Guarida Games Studio, and entirely hand-drawn, where cats become the protagonists of a classic Japanese narrative.

The visual novel Kittengumi: The Sakabato’s Thief will arrive on Switch today in several languages and with ten endings to surprise you.

It is a day like any other in the city of Nyedo, in faraway Nyppon. But at the headquarters of the Kittengumi, a group of samurai who watch over security and justice, a great commotion has arisen. The emblematic Sakabato sword has been stolen. This is a huge disgrace for the samurai clan, who will not hesitate to take to the streets to recover their treasure. Together, the young Ryuudama, the panda bear with feline aspirations Kumaneko, the ninja Azuki and other warriors will have to overcome a thousand challenges to discover the thief.

This is the premise of the first installment of the Kittengumi visual novel saga, which the reader/player will experience in his own skin, making decisions for the members of the samurai team. Some of them will lead to success. Others, to the mire. Because Kittengumi: the Sakabato’s thief has up to ten different endings to which you will arrive after having lived exciting adventures

On the other hand, if we tell you that Kittengumi is a visual novel, it is because there is one thing that has been developed with great care. Indeed: The visual aspect. All the characters and scenes in Kittengumi have been drawn by hand, with the care and delicacy of a kanji calligrapher. In addition, the soundtrack, composed for traditional Japanese instruments, adds a unique atmosphere.

It should be noted, for those who are fans of Japanese culture, that Kittengumi is inspired by the Shinsengumi, a historic special police force of the last shogunate of Japan. This fierce team of samurai has been given the appearance of anthropomorphic cats (or pandas who think they are cats), in the purest manga style, and with winks that will please the most fanatical otaku.

They are relentless, they are brave, they are tough. And, above all, they are cute. Kittengumi: The Sakabato Thief is the starting point of a saga that promises to be memorable.

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