Kevin Afghani confirmed as the new voice of Mario and Luigi

Ladies and gentlemen, you're new Mario/Luigi

13 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 4

After yesterday’s false start, today brings us 100% confirmation on who the new voice actor for Mario and Luigi is.

Seemingly out of nowhere, voice actor Kevin Afghani has taken to X to announce that he’s behind the voices of Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Afghani said that he’s “incredibly proud to have voiced Mario and Luigi,” and thanked Nintendo for inviting him into the Flower Kingdom.

Kevin Afghani is known for his voice work in Dragon Ball R&R (2018), Genshin Impact (2020) and more. You can check out his IMDB profile for more details here.

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8M ago

Rats, I didn't get the gig! A formal rejection would have been nice, Nintendo!


8M ago

I'm certain Mr. Afghani is the voice of Mario and Luigi for *this* game, but Nintendo is going to reevaluate voice actors on a per-game basis.

They didn't send Charles Martinet to mystery ambassador land just so they could create another Martinet situation.


8M ago


I like the idea of Nintendo changing the actor on a per-game or per-series basis.

If I was a voice actor, I feel like voicing Mario in a game (or a series of games) would be an honor. Sort of like how playing James Bond is a hallmark role for a live action actor.

If he's doing a great job replicating the voices, it's highly doubtful that Nintendo would want to change the actor JUST because they can get a better one.

Afghani will most likely be around for years to come and I welcome him.