With exactly one week to go until launch, Nintendo has shared another big wave of information on Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This time around, Nintendo gives us more insight than ever into the Badge system.

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Badges offer up unique gameplay options for all players. There are over 20 Badges in the game, and they are broken down into 3 categories:

  • Action Badges: allow you to perform new actions
  • Power-Up Badges: grant various effects that will help you in your adventure
  • Expert Badges: for players looking for a challenge.

A number of Badges in each category have also been detailed, which you can read in full below.

Action Badges

Parachute Cap: allows your character to glide using their cap. Particularly useful in areas without platforms for you to step on, allowing you to slowly fall down to the ground. And don’t worry: even characters that normally don’t wear a cap can use this Badge!

Wall-Climb Jump: jump against a wall and then jump straight up once. That way, you can perform a wall kick, allowing you to reach high platforms.

Dolphin Kick: allows you to swim much faster when underwater. You can also break blocks on your way, making it even easier to make your way through underwater sections!

Floating High Jump: allows you to jump even higher than normal and float in the air. Particularly useful when you just want to jump over tricky areas with enemies and/or traps!

Crouching High Jump: you can crouch to charge power, and then release it all to jump higher than normal. Combined with Yoshi’s Flutter Jump, this Badge allows you to reach some pretty high places!

Grappling Vine: allows you to shoot a vine that will stick to walls and ledges. The vine is pretty long, and allows you to quickly move towards a wall/ledge.

Power-Up Badges

Auto Super Mushroom: automatically grants the Super Mushroom Power-Up when you start a course. If you ever make a mistake, equipping this Badge before retrying allows you to start as Super Mario instead of Small Mario!

Safety Bounce: when you fall down a hole or into lava, your character automatically jumps back up. If you’re playing as Yoshi or Nabbit (who don’t take damage from enemies or spikes), equipping this Badge will make you pretty much invincible: the perfect combination for first-time players who want to take it easy!

Sensor: this handy Badge warns you when there’s a collectible nearby. If you ever have trouble finding a Wonder Flower or a 10-Flower Coin, try equipping this Badge!

Coin Magnet: attracts nearby Coins and Flower Coins. Pretty handy if you want to get your hands on Coins in hard-to-reach places!

Expert Badges

Invisibility: this Badges turns you invisible. Enemies can’t see Mario and co… but neither can you! Jet Run: allows you to dash non-stop. It’s recommended for courses where you need to go as fast as possible, such as Wiggler races. When you equip this Badge, your character gains a lot of momentum, allowing you to run in the air for a few moments.

You’ll only be able to equip one Badge at a time, so choose wisely when hopping into a course. Depending on whether you want help or extra challenge, there should be a perfect Badge for every situation.

In order to collect these Badges, you’ll have to purchase them at the Poplin Shops or tackle Badge Challenges. These special Badge Challenge courses also serve as tutorials, teaching you how to use the Badge you’re about to unlock. There’s also special courses where you need to make use of Badges to complete theme. There’s no penalty for failing, so feel free to give them a go as many times as you’d like.


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8M ago

That sensor seems pretty nice if you didn't find everything on your first run through a stage. Does it point you to hidden pipes that lead to a collectible too or does it only react to the collectible itself, that's what I wanna know.