Just a few days back, we shared word of Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s street date being broken. While we don’t know what retailers are responsible, we did confirm that multiple locations had decided to sell the game before its Oct. 20th, 2023 release date. Obviously Nintendo wasn’t happy about that, as they knew what was coming next.

Sadly continuing the tradition of big-name first party Nintendo games, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has now been leaked online. We have confirmed reports of the full game being available to download on nefarious corners of the internet. Of course, this also means that ne’er-do-wells are taking everything and anything in the game and leaking it on every social media platform they can find.

Please be careful where you spend your time online for the next week. If you’re trying to keep Super Mario Bros. Wonder from being spoiled for you, it might be best to hang back from social media. As far as GoNintendo, as always, we won’t be sharing any content at all from the leaked version of the game, be it purchased early through a retailer or snagged illegally online.

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7M ago

Yeah, heard people talking about it being out on a rom some days ago.

Nintendo! Do sth about this on Switch 2, OK?


7M ago

A store breaking street date is pretty common, unfortunately, but they are usually isolated incidents.

So how is it that every time a store breaks a street date, the cartridge just happens to end up in the hands of someone with the hardware and know-how to extract the data and proliferate it to the relevant community every single time?

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