Were you hoping to pick up a physical copy of Double Dragon Collection? In both North America and Europe, you’re completely out of luck on that front. Arc System Works has no plans for a physical release in NA/EU, but the situation is quite different in Japan and Asia. Those parts of the world will indeed see a physical launch of Double Dragon Collection, and best of all, those releases include English sub options.

Double Dragon Collection will release on November 9th, 2023, and it features a collection of 6 Double Dragon games, including “Super Double Dragon”, the first official port since its initial release 30 years ago, and “Double Dragon Advance”, similarly as the first port in over 20 years. Other titles included in the package are “DOUBLE DRAGON”, “DOUBLE DRAGON II: The Revenge”, “DOUBLE DRAGON III: The Sacred Stones”, as well as the currently-available “DOUBLE DRAGON IV”.

If you’d like to get all of this Double Dragon goodness in physical form on Switch, you can pick up the Asian or Japanese retail releases of Double Dragon Collection for just $30 through Play-Asia.

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