Analogue working on 4K N64 hardware

The N64 like you've never seen it before

16 October 2023
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Analogue has made a name for themselves by creating modern-day hardware that plays retro games. So far, Analogue has released revamped versions of the SNES, Genesis and Game Boy that play practically every game you’ll find in the libraries of those platforms, but with HD visuals, audio and a handful of quality of life improvements. Many were wondering where Analogue would turn their focus next, and today we finally have that answer.

On the official Analogue website, a teaser page has popped up for the Analogue 3D, and it’s aimed at playing N64 games in 4K. This device will include both wireless Bluetooth and 2.4g, and of course, it includes 4 original-style controller ports. Most importantly of all, the Analogue 3D does not use emulation to bring your N64 games to life. Slap in the cartridge and play just like you would back in the day.

On the visual side of things, the Analogue 3D does more than just N64 games in 4K resolution. The hardware will also let players enjoy original display modes, and that includes quality recreations of specific model CRT’s and PVM’s. Last but not least, this hardware will be 100% compatible with every region: USA, EU & JP.

The Analogue 3D is due out sometime in 2024. Pricing and hardware pictures are yet to be revealed, but if you’d like to be first to know about all of that, you can sing up for more details on the official Analogue 3D info page.

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