By now, you’re no doubt well aware of the Badge system in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Along with the game’s host of power-ups, Mario and the gang will now be able to collect Badges that introduce brand-new features. You can turn these on and off as you play, making for all sorts of unique challenges and experiences.

In an interview with Game Informer, Super Mario Bros. Wonder director Shiro Mouri talked a bit more about the Badge system. Longtime Mario fans know that past games have specific abilities to individual characters, but everyone plays exactly the same in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. According to Mouri, this decision is what let the team imagine all sorts of new possibilities via the Badge system.

“When you look at past Mario games, a lot of characters had a set of abilities; I’m talking about Peach being floaty or Luigi being able to jump high, and while that’s fun, I thought that some people might want to be a little bit floaty with Mario or maybe they want to jump high with Toad. Because we separated out the character from the ability, we were able to get a little bit wild with some of the abilities.”

[Super Mario Bros. Wonder director Shiro Mouri]

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