SpiderHeck, the non-stop couch co-op brawler from developer Neverjam and publisher tinyBuild, dices up the competition with a slew of exciting anniversary content soon on Switch.

The long awaited crossplay feature is part of this update, allowing players to battle friends across multiple platforms. Turn seven-legged-clashes up a notch with a host of webified never-before-seen content including two weapons, seven maps, and a variety of fresh mechanics and hazards.

Watch out for hazards like Aero Tube or Turret that will kill everything on sight. Destroy the competition with the just-added BoomStick, a grenade-spear hybrid, or throw out the new addition, Death Ray Cube, for a surprise death with a beam-in-a-box. Master both weapons across new maps including the Croissant (can you guess what it’s shaped like?), tricky Juggler, platform-less Floatiest, community-made Floating Temple, and more.

Switch up Survival mode battles with added modifiers for more heart-pounding experiences. Watch out for lasers bouncing off the walls once, or maybe even twice, with Reflective Beams, or see what the new wasp friends have to offer with Beeplomacy.

SpiderHeck brings friends and enemies together in a crazy fast-paced brawler for up to four players with PvP and PvE skirmishes. Parkour across multi-layered maps and learn how to stab, swing, and shoot to avoid a lava-filled demise. Wield weaponry like laser guns, buzz saws, and grenade launchers in a battle to the death featuring one-hit kills, hazards and lots of “accidents.”


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