It’s good news/bad news for Switch owners looking forward to Coral Island. The good news is that the game is soon leaving early access on PC for a November launch. The bad news is that there’s still a lot of work to be done on the Switch version, and we won’t be seeing the release until an unspecified date in 2024. At least we can see how the game’s coming along in the new trailer above.

Coral Island is a vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games. Be who you want and experience enchanting island living at your own pace—live off the land, nurture animals, build relationships with a diverse cast of townsfolk, and make the world around you a more vital and harmonious place.

Be who you want and create the idyllic farm of your dreams, where you’ll tend crops, nurture animals, and build a bond with the natural world around you. Help revitalize the nearby town and its surrounding coral reefs, and forge relationships with a vibrant community of more than 70 fellow people who call Coral Island home.

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