Everybody makes a scene on Halloween, and for this Haunted Hallows Event we’re spreading the holiday fear with ghoulish goods inspired by Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, and Sandy Claws items are coming to Rocket League! Complete event Challenges to earn skull-rattling rewards, or test your courage as two Limited Time Modes emerge from the shadows. Face your fears from October 18 to November 1st, 2023.

With the Jack Skellington Bundle, the world is your wicked wonderland. Squeeze into Jack’s iconic pinstripe suit with the Jack Skellington Octane Decal, or pretend you’re taking his no-legged best friend for a walk with the Zero Topper. Just please, try not to upset the Mayor.

Equip the Jack Skellington Goal Explosion and Jack’s skeletal grin will appear whenever you score, sending your rival team running in fear. If you’re looking for a soundtrack for this spirited season, the “This is Halloween” Player Anthem just might be your perfect pick!


  • Jack Skellington Octane Decal
  • Spiral Hill Wheels
  • Jack Skellington Goal Explosion
  • Jack Skellington Player Banner
  • Zero Topper
  • “This is Halloween” Player Anthem

The new Sally Decal isn’t just a miracle of scientific reanimation—it’s also universal! You can pick one up in the Item Shop for 300 Credits. Oh, and don’t worry if it smells a bit sickly. That’s just the frog’s breath.

Trade your fancy carbon fiber for a burlap sack with the universal Oogie Boogie Decal, or grab the Oogie’s Worms Boost made from a supersonic batch of wiggling worms.

Not feeling jolly enough? Lock, Shock, and Barrel have inspired the next item. Simply pop the Sandy Claws Topper on your car and let the merriment commence! Add on some Man-Eating Wreath Wheels, and soon you’ll be scoring scares like a pro.

When it comes to Halloween decorations, some people just can’t get enough. Listen, we get it. That’s why The Nightmare Before Christmas Mega Bundle contains every single item from the Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, and Sandy Claws Bundles, plus the universal Sally Decal. It’s a scream come true!


  • Oogie Boogie Universal Decal
  • Oogie’s Winch Wheels
  • Oogie’s Worms Boost


  • Sandy Claws Topper
  • Man-Eating Wreath Wheels

Your trick-or-treating bucket will be full in no time when you earn Haunted Hallows Challenge rewards! For the witches out there, the floating eyeballs and squirming centipedes of the Creep Jar Player Banner and Avatar border will have you feeling right at home.

Get creepy cute with the frankenblobby Bolt Head Topper, or equip the retro Vampire Teeth Antenna if you vant a bite of Halloween nostalgia.

Players can also earn up to five Golden Pumpkins by completing Challenges. Luckily, there’s nothing sinister hiding inside—just open them in your Inventory to instantly unlock items from the Turbo, Elevation, and Zephyr Item Series!


Hop into Farmstead (Spooky) Arena and smash that pumpkin! In the Spooky Cube Limited Time Mode, the ball has been replaced by a super speedy jack-o-lantern. You’ll need quick reflexes to chase down this ghastly gourd once it begins bouncing around the Arena on October 18.


Tired of dribbling? Nothing a little possession can’t fix. In Haunted Heatseeker, you’ll find that a ghastly presence takes control of the ball, launching it across the Arena with even the slightest of touches. Be wary, for if your opponent manages to block this powerful shot it will bounce right back towards your own goal instead! Players who prefer tricks over treats might even choose to sneak across the Arena for a quick Demo.

Enter if you dare—the door between Halloween Town and Rocket League opens on October 18.

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