Super Mario Bros. 3 expanded the franchise in multiple ways, including the addition of bonus games. Located at certain spots on the overworld map, players can stop in and play some games of chance to try and win a few helpful items. All these years later, we now know that those games of chance aren’t as fair as we might have thought.

A new video released by Retro Game Mechanics Explained sets its sights on the Roulette and Card Matching games in Super Mario Bros. 3. There’s no doubt fans who’ve played this entry in the series are well aware of both games, and they might conjure up some frustrating memories. Turns out your frustrations are warranted!

As is broken down in great detail in the video, the Roulette game in particular is pretty unfair. This mini-game utilizes a “rigged delay state,” which means the timing required to line up the image parts is random and constantly changing. If you struggled to line up one section of the picture in particular and you thought your timing was spot-on, you’re most likely correct!

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