Rallyallyally is a local multiplayer party racer by Hairy Heart Games. Our headline feature is the rolling road, where the leader decides the way to the finish line during the race. The competitors have a bunch of powerups to use to try and win, from your typical genre staples like rocket boosts to unique abilities like a siren that protects you from powerups and can cause other players’ powerups to backfire! The game launches on December 7th, 2023, for the Nintendo Switch.

At its core Rallyallyally is a chaotic racer, where you compete with other drivers to roll out the road. Whilst our suggested way to play is with 7 other friends in local multiplayer, we have also provided support for bots too (with a maximum of 8 racers at any time), allowing for true anarchy!

Some players go where the road leads them, others will make their own paths. As the leader of the race, you’re in control of the track, and you decide the path to victory. To hold on to that lead you’ll need to use your skills, reflexes and a giant boxing glove to bring it home. Let’s be honest, it’ll mostly be the giant boxing glove.


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