Nintendo has privated the original Switch reveal trailer

We'll never forget Nintendo Switch Karen!

18 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 3

Remember the reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch? It was the video that started all the chatter about Nintendo’s follow-up to the Wii U, and left many wondering if the platform had what it takes to become a hit. Now, 6+ years removed from the system’s launch, we know how things worked out!

If you’ve got a special place in your heart for that reveal trailer, I hope you downloaded it years ago. Seemingly out of nowhere, Nintendo has decided to make that Switch reveal trailer private on YouTube. You can still find reuploads on other channels, but Nintendo has decided that video has served its purpose for them.

What does this move to private the video mean? Well, it certainly causes all kinds of speculation, but here’s what we know for sure. The last time Nintendo privated videos was with the Switch Lite and Switch OLED reveals. Soon after that, Nintendo added a reveal trailer for the Splatoon 3 Switch OLED. In other words, privating the Switch reveal trailer could mean something else is in the works, but it’s not a guarantee.

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8M ago

Teaser video for the next console incoming?

No. Almost exactly 7 years to the day since the video was posted. Licensed music probably has expired.


8M ago


Get outta here with that logic! :P