Digital Extremes’ free Warframe update Abyss of Dagath, is launching today, offering only treats to its 70+ million registered players looking to instantly unlock or earn its spookiest Warframe to date. Unveiled at TennoCon in August, Dagath rises from her haunted crypt today alongside major reworks for select characters and companions, oodles of new seasonal cosmetics, and the release of Grendel Prime Access.

● Based on the legend of the headless horse rider, Dagath enters the Origin System, embodying the spectral realm itself with attacks utilizing spinning sickles and eerie equestrian stampedes. According to Grandmother’s tales within the Heart of Deimos, Dagath rises from her tomb every Night of Naberus, a seasonal galactic Halloween celebration filled to the brim with eclectic endowments.

● Dagath also welcomes a new addition to the sword/whip weapon family, Dorrclave as well as a fresh haunted Dojo room for clans called Dagath’s Hollow (both available in the marketplace’s Dagath Collection).

● Engage in the new Abyssal Zone mission to earn the new Resource, Vainthorn, to fill out Dagath’s blueprint and finalize her resurrection.

● Grendel Prime Access launches today for a limited time to gobble up foe’s sweets and spoils alongside Prime tech weapons like a golden Zylok Prime pistol and segmented spiked club, Masseter Prime. Swallow entire enemies into Grendel’s newly styled, acidic black hole stomach to turn their meaty bits into toxic projectiles or let them marinate and recover his health.

● Hydroid’s rework in this update promotes ability synergy and mobility with the new corrosive “Plunder” ability.

● Perma-death is no more thanks to the companion system rework with revamped healing mechanics, mod updates, stat alterations, and more.

● New cosmetics are right behind you… like a vampiric Naberus skin for Lotus, Bat-themed Chiroptera Collection skins for Warframes and Sentinels, new armor/weapon skin bundles like Day of the Dead V: Complete Collection and Void Adornment V, four terrifying Glyphs, among many others.

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