10tons is soon releasing the final chapter in the DYSMANTLE saga with the Pets & Dungeons DLC. In this whimsical expansion, players can traverse a new open-world map, dive into the base game mysteries through enchanted canine dwellings, and collect over twenty unique companions ranging from loyal dogs to a cunning fox. DLC also brings fresh gear and recipes, expanding the gameplay dynamics. Slated for release on Switch, the enchanting world of Pets & Dungeons is ready to be explored.

New Companions: Over twenty unique pets including dogs, cats, and a fox, each with their own gameplay-affecting modifiers.

Exploration: Discover canine dwellings around the island to kickstart the narrative, leading to an array of new dungeons.

Engaging Dungeons: Dungeons laden with combat challenges and puzzles, intertwined with the storyline.

Pet-Player Interaction: Obtain secondary items enabling enhanced interaction and synergy with your pets.

Enhanced Damage Capabilities: New cooking recipes to bolster your pets’ damage capabilities in combat.

New Gear: A variety of new headgear, weaponry, and trinkets to diversify gameplay and allow for different build strategies.

Open-World Adventure: While featuring a fresh open-world map, the DLC also enriches the base game map by uncovering additional mysteries.

Bonus Content: Owners of Pets & Dungeons along with previous DLCs unlock exclusive items, pets, and fresh challenges to overcome.

The DLC is priced at USD/EUR 7.99, with a launch discount available.


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