Pokémon: Paldean Winds Ep. 2 now available

The winds of change are blowing

18 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The first episode of Pokémon: Paldean Winds, a four-episode original animated web series, is available now on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. The series is produced by WIT STUDIO, the animation studio behind the award-winning Pokémon: Hisuian Snow web series. Pokémon: Paldean Winds is set in the Paldea region and tells the story of three academy students—Ohara, Aliquis, and Hohma—as they pursue their respective dreams.

Despite Aliquis and Meowscarada winning battle after battle, there’s one Trainer they can’t seem to beat: Nemona. After consulting his older brother, Aliquis is advised to stop using a Pokémon after it loses a match. What will he do? Can Aliquis and Meowscarada find the strength within themselves to take on Nemona? Find out in Episode 2 of Pokémon: Paldean Winds!

Check out the second episode on YouTube, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for information about future episodes of Pokémon: Paldean Winds.

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