Nintendo just released a 3+ minute trailer for WarioWare: Move It! yesterday that featured all sorts of microgame action. Turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg, as another big wave of details and footage has arrived mere hours later.

In particular, Nintendo has shared details on WarioWare: Move It!’s Story Mode, Extra Stages and Museum. You can see a breakdown of that content below.

Story Mode

  • play a selection of microgames based on the character you come in contact with
  • each character will present a different Form (method of holding the Joy-Con)
  • clear a series of stages to take on the boss stage

Extra Stages (footage at the top of this post)

  • clear all the stages in Story Mode to open up the Extra Stages map
  • Extra Stages features unique microgames with different playstyles:

Muscle ★ Exercise: play a series of Microgames that will have you move and shake your body like crazy. Perfect for those looking to get their daily dose of exercise!

Two-Player Battle: a competitive mode where two players play the same Microgame at the same time. The first player to lose all 5 lives loses!

Karakuri Kawaribanko: one player tackles the Microgames while the other assists them by moving the karakuri stage around so that the game screen is always visible. The key is cooperation!

Iki Pittari: features Microgames focused on co-operation.

[High Score Stage] Gekimuzu: in this stage, Microgames move on to the next at great speed right from the start.

[High Score Stage] Thrilling: a series of tough Microgames where one mistake means Game Over! In High Score Stages, if you get a certain score, you will be able to tackle extra stages, so keep honing your skills and give it your best!


  • replay all the Microgames you’ve already played at least once in Story Mode
  • there are no restrictions in the Museum and you can set microgame difficulty
  • there’s over 200 microgames to play here
  • you’re able to unlock something nice by clearing every single one of them

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