There’s definitely a chill in the air here in the states, as Fall is in full effect. That just means things will get even colder as we head towards Winter, making it that much more important to stay warm. If you happen to be a Pokémon fan who’s looking to stay roasty toasty, a nice option is on the way.

Don Quixote has revealed a line of Pokémon kigurumi parkas, and they’re set to launch on Oct. 21st, 2023. Each parka is priced at just $22, and the lineup includes designs based on Pikachu, Snorlax, Gengar, or Psyduck.

Kigurumi, or “cosplay pajamas”, emerged as Japanese street fashion and spread outside Japan in 2009 when they were exported by the Kigu company. Kigurumi can also refer to a costumed character, and these types of clothing resemble various types of animals, similar to a mascot costume. (h/t Wiki)

If you’d like to take a closer look at this line of Pokemon Kigurumi, you can find more pictures of the lineup here.

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