In this Game Informer exclusive video, the team behind Disney Illusion Island, Dlala Studios, gives viewers a look at the behind-the-scenes making of the game’s score.

Over on Game Informer’s website, you can find a complimentary article that chats with the team behind the game’s soundtrack as well. In a snippet from that feature, composer David Housden explains one key element of creating Disney Illusion Island’s soundtrack was right there from the start.

“Sweeping and romantic, that is the Disney sound to me. One of my creative pillars for the work we had to complete over the next few years is that the score should feel and sound like Disneyland and its different areas. Our different areas in Monoth are like the different lands of Disneyland. I went to the ’90s sound, but after working with the Disney music department, I realized Mickey actually has his own sound, and it’s very much Jazz and Ragtime, the zeitgeist music and what was popular when Mickey was created. It was naturally steeped into his musical identity.”

[composer David Housden]

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