Games Done Quick 2024 To Feature Gyromite Speedran By A Dog

Hes probably better at it than I am!

18 October 2023
by the8bitlego 0

If you thought dogs couldn’t get any better, you’re mistaken. Perhaps the one thing that could make dogs better apparently is possible: Gaming.

While not his first appearance in the speedrunning scene, Peanut Butter the Dog will be making his first Games Done Quick appearance for 2024’s stream, where he will be doing a run of the NES classic Gyromite!

This will all be done live, and completely unassisted, if you doubted Peanut Butter’s gamer skills. Check out the video above if you want to see a demonstration of just how good Peanut Butter is at Gyromite!

To check out the rest of 2024’s Games Done Quick Lineup, click here. For more of Peanut Butter (and his still but less cool owner), check out their X (formerly known as Twitter) account here!

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