F-ZERO 99 is getting its last round of tracks in today’s new update, which includes past favorites such as MUTE CITY II, RED CANYON II, and FIRE FIELD. MUTE CITY II will be featured in the normal F-ZERO 99 mode, RED CANYON II will be available in Pro + Prix modes, and FIRE FIELD is only in Grand Prix.

While Nintendo has confirmed this is the last track update, there are more updates to come in the future. What this could mean is anyone guess, but hopefully it’s more than just bugfixes!

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7M ago

I realize that this is the complete track list from the original SNES F-Zero game, but couldn’t Nintendo plan for additional tracks from the GBA games, which share a similar style?


7M ago

I was hoping they'd add tracks from the Satellaview game. But I guess this really is a budget game being thrown out there with a hope and a prayer.