We first heard about RPG Maker WITH just a few days back, but that was barely more than an announcement of the game’s existence. Today, following a major feature in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, we have a much more complete look at what this RPG builder has to offer.

RPG Maker WITH will see physical and digital release for Switch in Japan sometime in 2024, and it aims to be the ultimate RPG building experience on the platform. For details on mechanics, features, options and more, check out the complete breakdown here (h/t Gematsu) You can also find a ton of screenshots and character art here.


The RPG Maker series is a long-running series that began in 1990, acting as a game construction tool that allows you to create games without programming.

In Japan, the series has been known as “RPG Tsukuru,” but the name has since been unified worldwide as the RPG Maker series, and the latest entry is planned for release on Switch.

While previous entries in the RPG Maker series have been developed for PC, RPG Maker WITH has been tuned for console so that anyone can easily and casually enjoy game creation.

With RPG Maker WITH, you can become a game creator by simply owning a Switch. It is a tool that responds to the needs of “a generation of one hundred million creators.”

■ New Feature: Asset Sharing

Game creation can sometimes be lonely.

Some users have said they find it difficult to create games on their own, so RPG Maker WITH adds a new feature called “Asset Sharing” that allows everyone to create games together.

In previous RPG Maker entries, users were only able to publish completed games. But in RPG Maker WITH, in addition to publishing completed games, maps and events included in work-in-progress games can also be published as parts. Parts published by other users can be easily incorporated into your own games.

Through this new Asset Sharing feature, you can create games not only on your own, but also with the rest of the RPG Maker community.

■ Included Materials and Additional Content

RPG Maker With will feature the following materials at launch: 128 characters and 130 monsters, All sorts of variations and quantities are being prepared.

Numerous materials are also planned for release as post-launch additional content.

An abundance of materials are being prepared so that users can enjoy making games for a long time.

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