Back in February of 2022, we learned that Netflix had commissioned a BioShock movie. As is usually the case with videogame-to-movie adaptations, that reveal was followed by months and months of nothing. That silence became deafening once the writers’ strike kicked off, but thankfully, that is now over. With that end of the strike comes an official update on the project.

In an interview with Collider, writer Michael Green said things are indeed moving along for the film. We don’t get too much in the way of specifics, but it very much seems like the project is now full-steam ahead.

“You have to measure your words, or you’ll start to see a laser pointer at my forehead from the Netflix legal. Netflix has been amazing about it. They were excited about it before the strike, they’re excited about it now, post-strike. Yes, I got called, the, ‘How’s it coming along?’ the minute the strike was over, ‘You about ready…?’ Been meeting regularly with Francis Lawrence and his team to refine a draft to go back in. We’re all optimistic. We all love it. It’s a great big sprawling nightmare world we wanna see real. So, here’s hoping. I would love to have an update for you soon.”

[Writer Michael Green]

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