Witchy Life Story casts a spell on Switch today

A magical moment for Switch

19 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer/publisher Sundew Studios has announced that Witchy Life Story is making its way to Switch today. The game is priced at $20 and takes up 1.2 GB of space.

Play as the youngest member of the illustrious, magical von Teasel family, but you’re not exactly their pride and joy. In fact, your grandmother has given you one last chance to prove yourself — or no more witch training for you!

You arrive in the small village of Flora, along with your familiar, Ramsey. You have two weeks to help the locals prepare their harvest festival for success, and prove your worth to, well, everyone. But don’t worry! That’s plenty of time to plan a village festival and make some (questionable) life choices!

Design your troublesome witch however you see fit, with a ton of customization options. There’s no excuse for not looking your best! Tend your garden to collect plants to use in your magical recipes, as well as other rituals and experiments that are totally, definitely Official Witch Business.

Get to know the charming residents of Flora including three romance-able characters. Will you end up with a date for the festival? Craft spells, perform tarot readings, lead guided meditations and more. Maybe you’ll throw in an extra rune or two for more potency. And if anything backfires, you can hide from the world and decorate your altar.

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