From the makers of Switch Player Magazine and Ninty Fresh, comes a brand-new publication filled with Nintendo insight, crowdfunding now on IndieGoGo!

Are you like us and yearn for the days when you could wander into a shop and pick up a magazine brimming with exciting Nintendo knowledge? Are you saddened to see print media fall by the wayside in an increasingly digital age? Do you crave insightful commentary and personal experiences about a stunning range of intriguing games? If you answered yes to any of those questions (or even if you answered no, we won’t judge) then Ninsight is for you!

After 69 issues of Switch Player Magazine and eight issues of Ninty Fresh, the team decided it was time for a change. In a world of rising costs and increasing access to games commentary, it was clear these ventures needed to evolve to remain at the forefront. With sights set on creating something bigger and bolder than the two previous magazines could ever be, Ninsight was formed, acting as the culmination of years of learning and dedication which started as a dream idea and blossomed into so much more.

Retaining our magazine roots, yet also drawing inspiration from our massively successful publication Gamebook: The Unofficial DMG Companion, Ninsight is more akin to an annual, offering a premium product with a longer release cycle than our other projects. Our limited run first issue offers 180+ pages of Nintendo insight, ranging from big new releases such as Super Mario Wonder, to smaller retro delights like Chibi Robo. Our concept of what a review is has been entirely reworked, allowing our writers the time and freedom to provide much more in-depth commentary on an eclectic range of titles.

Bespoke artwork features alongside some of our deeply personal op-ed features, which dive headfirst into the effects games can have on us all. From ruminations on Miis and death, to the portrayal of family through Pokémon, Ninsight promises to provide unique and informative perspectives on all facets of Nintendo.

Detailed retrospectives for older games and systems are planned, kicking off with a celebration the Famicom in honour of its 40th birthday! If all that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be featuring exclusive interviews with the developers behind some of the hottest indie games around, including the masterminds behind the fishing-horror-hit Dredge.

We’ve raided our supply of Super Mushrooms, so Ninsight comes in much larger than Switch Player! At 280mm by 210mm, Ninsight has much more room to accommodate our ambition. Finished on deluxe, uncoated paper stock, Ninsight is available in two versions - a standard version with just the book, as well as a deluxe package with loads of extras! It will also be case-bound, meaning it will look and feel just like a book, but still retain that familiar magazine style we’re best known for.

Within each version, buyers will find:

Standard Edition (£25 + Shipping) - you’ll get Issue Zero of Ninsight in a hard cover, case bound finish, and it will also be finished with a limited-edition obi strip, which will be numbered.

Deluxe Edition (£40 + Shipping) - you’ll get Issue Zero of Ninsight in a hard cover, case bound finish, which will also be finished with a limited-edition obi strip, which will be numbered. You’ll also get a selection of five deluxe art prints from the issue, get your name in the book as a sponsor as well as a digital copy of the issue and a special commemorative bookmark. Plus, you’ll also get a folded poster of the cover artwork, oh, and a special Super Mario Wonder themed pin badge. We love making little pin badges for these!

The team behind Ninsight is dedicated to keeping print media alive by offering a timeless examination and celebration of one of gaming’s biggest names. By transforming what we do, we can produce something infinitely more impressive at a much greater value to our readers.


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