At The Indie Horror Showcase, Southeast Asian publisher Neon Doctrine and developer GameChanger Studio released a new trailer for macabre creature collector and empire management sim My Lovely Empress that offers a taste of the power that the deliciously demonic Yaoguai can bestow.

In the ambitious conclusion to the beloved “My Lovely…” trilogy of games (My Lovely Wife and My Lovely Daughter), you rule the Crimson Kingdom with both head and heart as Emperor Hong. In his grief following the death of Empress Xiang, Hong calls upon powerful yet forbidden entities, Yaoguai, in a bid to resurrect his beloved.

Is this unholy alliance a wise decision? That’s for you to decide.

In My Lovely Empress, build your nation to prosperity with the servitude of the Yaoguai — each one with unique abilities to support you in resolving tough imperial challenges, enforcing your will on society, and improving the welfare of your citizens. However, as you take your nation to greatness by managing the needs of your people and with savvy diplomatic dealings with other rulers, you’re given a choice: be satisfied with what you’ve built and the new relationship(s) you’ve forged or succumb to the dark allure of the Yaoguai and ritualistically sacrifice your people to reunite Emperor Hong with his empress?

Key Features of My Lovely Empress:

Your Kingdom, Your Choices, Your Story: In this unique mix of resource management, mythology, and empire simulation gameplay, you’ll make decisions that directly impact the story

Majestic and Mythological: Inspired by East and Southeast Asian mythology, including a mesmerizing ink-brush art style, soundtrack, and gameplay mechanics

My Little Yaoguai: Develop relationships with your Yaoguai in true creature-collecting fashion, empowering them to become powerful allies or potent sacrifices

Put Your Diplomatic Hat On: Work with other rulers to see your nations prosper, or take an entirely different path as you grow alongside them

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