1000xRESIST takes place in the far future, where humanity has been all but extinguished by a mysterious disease spread by aliens known only as ‘Occupants’. There was only one survivor, a teenage girl called Iris who is somehow immune. 1000 years later, Iris is not only immune but immortal and has birthed a new society of ‘Sisters’ consisting exclusively of her own clones. They worship her as the ALLMOTHER and dutifully fulfil their assigned purpose, ever fearful of the Occupant threat on the surface.

1000xRESIST is a story like no other, featuring perspective shifts both literal and metaphorical as the game blends between 3rd person adventure, visual novel and first-person walking simulator while throwing twists, turns and revelations at the player until they question everything they think they know.

1000xRESIST is the first game from sunset visitor 斜陽過客, an independent studio of majority Asian-Canadian diaspora creators with a decade of experience in dance, theatre, music, film, visual arts, and new media arts. 1000xRESIST is born from an eclectic set of inspirations, including games, anime, cinema and theatre, and tells a story in ways only a game can while simultaneously bringing fresh ideas to interactive storytelling.

You play as Watcher, the Sister who has the great privilege of reliving and interpreting the memories of the ALLMOTHER through a process known as Communion. As you embark upon your first Communion, your commitment to your duty is resolute and steadfast… until your closest sister, Fixer, comes to you with a dangerous revelation. You have been lied to. The ALLMOTHER is not what she claims to be.

Players will experience more than 10 hours of playtime brought to life with over 15,000 lines of fully voiced dialogue from a brilliant cast of Asian-Canadian actors and an incredible soundtrack from two composers.

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Wait, Almo Hekki hate to love? All this time I thought Almo Hekki love to hate!

This changes things.