An update is available for FRONT MISSION 2: Remake. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Added new translations to the user interface.
  • Adjusted facial expressions for characters.
  • Improvements to the network dialogues, facilitating - navigation between different panels.
  • The “Continue” option in the main menu is now accessible all supported languages.
  • Improved AI behavior when the player blocks entrance to the ship.
  • Fixed the issue in which the Wanzer honor is highlighted incorrectly in cutscenes.
  • Fixes to melee animations of various Wanzers, including: Cicada, Giaour, Degen, Kafir, Igel_H, Kyojin, Mythos, Negus, Raven, Robust, and Schakal.
  • Adjusted size and scale of mobile weapon parts: (OSV-21).
  • Fixes for cutscenes at Level 24’s Fenris garage.
  • Fixed the issue with spawned shells for the ‘Adler’ weapon.
  • Fixed issues related to explosion sounds occurring when a unit is destroyed.
  • Fixed the gunshot animation for ISV09 to prevent softlocks after attack animations.
  • Adjustments to camera behavior for turrets and the correction of animation acceleration for the AM121M1 armored vehicle.
  • Rebalancing of damage and hit chance calculations, Wanzer’s strength evaluation, difficulty levels, and the chance of skill appearance and level up.

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