Illuminaria is a new indie game that’s coming out very soon on Nintendo Switch. On October 26th, you’ll be able to enjoy this new strategy game. Don’t miss out the trailer above and stick around if you want even more details!

A resource management game where you command a swarm of intelligent robots in a quest to save the world. Command a swarm of intelligent robots in their quest to save the world. Mine resources, and manage and defend multiple bases. Go on expeditions, fight in auto-battles, research new technologies, and create your army of golems to drive out the darkness and bring back the light.

■ Control a swarm of robots using simple interactions

Choose where to build, and what resources to gather, and then watch the robots do the heavy lifting. They’ll gather the resources, build, load weapons, fight, and respond to the world around them.

■ Defend your bases from incoming attacks

Vicious enemies of darkness will attack your base, attempting to destroy your reactors and steal your resources. Build turrets and load them up with ammunition to repel the attacks.

■ Build multiple bases and manage them all at the same time

Instead of having a sandbox world, you’ll need to build several smaller bases with finite space. Be on the lookout as all the bases keep functioning at all times and can be attacked by the enemies.

■ Venture into dungeon-like expeditions to battle and find precious relics

Adventure and explore to find hidden treasures, and fight enemies in auto-battles. This way, you’ll get rare resources to use to your advantage. Research new technologies in different regions.

■ Research new technologies in different regions

The game will have five regions, each with new resources and technologies to discover.

■ Liberate the world by lighting beacons and crafting your own army

The world of Illuminaria was taken over by darkness. Unravel the story about what happened on the planet as you clean and liberate the five regions by lighting beacons and sending your armies of golems to attack.

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