IGN has shared the first hands-on with NARUTO X BORUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS, and they’ve discovered a fighting game that seems to have something for fighting game fans and anime fans alike. See how things are coming along in the video above.

In NARUTO X BORUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS, players can choose from the largest roster in a NARUTO game, with more than 130 characters from the series available, and ten new ones introduced in the game. Fight solo or online to level up and unlock additional customizations as well as other items. Offline Free Battles will let players choose the way they want to fight against A.I. or play an offline tournament. Hone those ninja skills against players around the world in Casual or Ranked Online matches. Online custom matches will be implemented post launch.

In the game’s History mode, players can relive epic story-based battles from NARUTO, experiencing key moments from the series complete with anime cutscenes and cinematic videos. In Special Story mode, a whole new original storyline unfolds, taking place during the events of BORUTO, where Boruto meets a girl in a popular game called “Ninja Heroes.” Nanashi and they both realize a mysterious man, Merz, is trying to initiate war. Players will have to find out what happens when the game launches on November 17.

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