While you’re probably knee-deep in Super Mario Bros. Wonder right now, you’ll probably come up for air at some point. We all need to have a snack or go to the bathroom, right? How do you get your Mario fix when you’re taking care of yourself? Why not pop in on the Digital Foundry crew’s latest video, which takes a very up-close-and-personal look at Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

While 2D Mario games aren’t exactly known for pushing hardware limits, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some interesting things going on under the hood. DF has taken a peek behind the scenes to see what makes this Mario game tick, and they’ve come up with the following tidbits.

  • derived from the ModuleSystem tools and tech powering Tears of the Kingdom and Splatoon 3
  • boasts a complex animation system and huge numbers of bespoke objects per scene
  • runs at 1080p native in docked mode and 720p in portable
  • uses dynamic resolution scaling, which can drop to 864p (80 percent of 1080p)
  • this is relatively uncommon and usually only applies to the 3D overworld map
  • shadows projected from dynamic objects
  • suitably-cartoony particle effects
  • mind-bending stage transformations all running at a near-flawless 60fps

If you’d like even more insight into the tech side of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, check out the full DF feature here.

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