First 4 Figures has relesaed a number of Metroid-related statues in the past, and they appear to have been a hit for the company. That’s why it’s no surprise to see them returning to the franchise for something extra special.

First 4 Figures has revealed that they’re working on a Metroid Prime ‘Samus Varia Suit’ PVC statue. There will be 3 different versions of this Varia Suit Samus statue, and pre-orders are set to open on Oct. 24th, 2023. Today brings us a new look at the statue via a fresh trailer, which you can check out above.

The Varia Suit is a Power Suit upgrade. Samus is most commonly depicted wearing this suit, but like many of her other upgrades, it is lost at or prior to the beginning of most games, requiring her to track the upgrade down at a later point in time. In general, the Varia Suit reduces damage taken and protects Samus Aran from extreme heat. (h/t Fandom)

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