Update 5 has been released for Super Mega Baseball 4. You can find the patch notes for this update below.

Major Additions

New Feature – Alternate Uniforms:

  • Each team can have up to 6 alternate uniforms in addition to their default home and away uniforms.
  • All Super Mega League and Legends League teams start with 1 built-in alternate uniform, which can be customized like any other uniform.
  • Alternate uniforms for a game can be chosen via the pregame lineup menu (or from the Pennant Race or Online League lineup menu in those modes).

New Feature – CPU Teams in Online Leagues:

  • An Online League admin can now add up to 28 CPU teams to their Online League.
  • The CPU can play as any Super Mega League or Legends League team.
  • Players can play against a random CPU team or challenge a specific CPU team.
  • CPU vs CPU matches can be simulated by the admin.

New Feature – Starting Pitcher can DH:

  • When the designated hitter rule is on, the starting pitcher can be assigned as the designated hitter from the pregame lineup menu by selecting the DH position in the batting order and choosing the “Use Pitcher” option.
  • After bringing in a relief pitcher, the starting pitcher will remain as the designated hitter when applicable.
  • After pinch hitting or pinch running for the starting pitcher with the designated hitter rule on, they will remain as the active pitcher in the game when applicable.


  • The strike zone has been reduced to 90% of its previous size by lowering the top of the zone and bringing in the sides of the zone.
  • You can now review the previous pitch location, pitch type, and batter swing feedback while holding down the strategize button and toggling from “Trait Help” to “Last Pitch”.
  • Fielders now see their internal Mojo value increase when making a diving, sliding, or jumping catch that eventually leads to an out. Not every such play will result in a Mojo level increase. Wall catches at the outfield fence result in larger Mojo increases.
  • Fielders now see their internal Mojo value decrease slightly when dropping a diving, sliding, or jumping catch that could have led to an out.
  • Batting contact simulation has been tweaked so that Contact skill is slightly more meaningful. Higher Contact skill now results in a larger percentage of the swing reticle producing harder hit balls, and lower Contact skill results in a smaller percentage of the swing reticle producing harder hit balls.
  • Foul tips have been adjusted so that they happen slightly less frequently overall.
  • The CPU now better accounts for the ball/strike count and the pitcher disengagement limit when deciding whether to attempt a pick-off play.
  • Missing pitcher substitution UX has been improved. You can now swap defensive positions with a player already in the batting order and view the other team’s lineup. Missing pitcher substitutions are now triggered even when a pitcher was used as the pinch hitter or runner for the previous pitcher.
  • The “Change Team” button is now available in the pregame lineup screen, allowing you to view the opposing team and select a uniform for the CPU when applicable. Note that the CPU may change their batting order afterwards if you change your starting pitcher.
  • 32 new shapes and 16 new props have been added to the Logo Editor.
  • 3 new jersey styles and 3 new pants styles have been added to the Uniform Editor.
  • In Franchise mode, purchasing a Player Development Opportunity for a player can now boost their Loyalty. The Loyalty gained is random, but PDOs that produce bigger gains to the player’s abilities tend to produce larger Loyalty gains.
  • During player re-signing in Franchise mode, a player’s asking salary is now derived from their current valuation rather than their valuation at the time they were previously signed. The relevant help page has been updated to better describe how a player’s asking salary and odds of accepting to stay at their current salary are derived.
  • In Franchise mode, the odds of gaining a new pitch type or changing secondary position from purchasing a Player Development Opportunity have increased from 5% to 10%.
  • In Franchise mode, the CPU is now slightly less aggressive at dumping good players in favor of young talent when out of playoff contention and is more aggressive at signing good players when in playoff contention.
  • In Franchise mode, the Player Re-signing screen is now updated in real time for a remote co-op partner as the Franchise owner takes actions on the screen.
  • The Franchise Player Re-signing screen has new text describing each player’s re-sign interest based on both the player’s Loyalty and the odds that the player re-signs at their current salary.
  • The text colors and iconography on the Player Re-signing screen have been updated.
  • In Franchise mode, news feed events have been added for Manager Moments and different player re-signing actions. The news feed filter options have been updated accordingly.
  • In Franchise and Season modes, the season schedule now shows the projected starting pitchers’ handedness.
  • Shuffle Draft’s main draft screen now shows trait icons next to players in the projected lineup table corresponding to the traits your selected players have.
  • Batter walk-up songs now have track names in the Player Editor’s Swagger tab.
  • Announcer walk-up audio has been added for various players in the Creators Classic.
  • Audio levels have been tweaked for base stealing sound effects, trait activation sound effects, match found sound effects, and walk-up music.
  • Other minor audio improvements to gameplay have been made.
  • Some lighting improvements for nighttime stadiums have been made.
  • Minor improvements to some batter walk-up animations have been made. (Switch only) A one-time prompt has been added that asks you whether you would like to use the “Favor Quality” or “Favor Performance” setting.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Game can crash sporadically on the League Player Movement screen.
  • Fixed: Game can crash after a batter bunts a ball that goes obviously foul.
  • Fixed: Game server crashes in online versus play if 4 automatic intentional walks are issued before a pitch is ever thrown or an auto ball is committed.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, fielders can fail to attempt a catch at a ball hit directly at them. This most often happens with ground balls near the third baseman’s feet.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, jump input is rejected on balls hit slightly over a fielder’s head.
  • Fixed: Baserunners can fail to fully lead off before the pitcher begins their delivery, making base stealing more difficult than intended.
  • Fixed: A force out can be incorrectly registered when the ball carrier is somewhat close to but clearly not touching the base, particularly when starting to make a throw.
  • Fixed: Fielder selection can incorrectly change away from the catcher when attempting to field foul pop-ups far enough behind home plate.
  • Fixed: In Pennant Race and Online Leagues, a two-way starting pitcher can be incorrectly auto replaced in the batting order when the DH rule is off.
  • Fixed: When choosing a team in the Pennant Race, the team summary bars in the team picker pop-up fail to account for the ringers being inserted into the roster.
  • Fixed: Players can initiate or accept an Online League challenge when using a Franchise mode team while that Franchise is in the offseason and the team potentially has empty roster slots, or when using a team that has since been deleted.
  • Fixed: In Franchise mode, the odds of gaining a new pitch type or changing secondary position when purchasing a Player Development Opportunity are much higher than the intended, displayed odds.
  • Fixed: In Franchise mode, a player’s secondary position can end up matching their primary position when their secondary position is downgraded.
  • Fixed: When using a Franchise, Season, or Elimination team in Exhibition mode, starting Mojo, Fitness, and pitcher fatigue are unintentionally applied.
  • Fixed: “Best of the Best” trophy/achievement can fail to unlock in online co-op play.
  • Fixed: Baserunners can get stuck advancing home if the advance all runners command is held while entering the pause menu.
  • Fixed: The CPU can unintentionally leave a pitcher in for too long too frequently.
  • Fixed: A pitcher can incorrectly receive a Mojo penalty when pinch hitting.
  • Fixed: Baserunners sometimes exhibit feet sliding when trotting around the bases celebrating a home run.
  • Fixed: Fielders can animate incorrectly after a balk is ruled due to too many pitcher disengagements.
  • Fixed: Bat can slide in the batter’s hand slightly during some new batter cinematics.
  • Fixed: Minor issues with elbow bends in animations on beefy male and burly female characters.
  • Fixed: Pitcher and catcher can sometimes be seen clipping through each other when running onto the field for a new inning.
  • Fixed: Female head 8 has clipping with some eyewear.
  • Fixed: Facial hair 15 clips with some male heads.
  • Fixed: Male head 13 and hair 19 results in hair clipping through the batting helmet.
  • Fixed: Facial hairs 10, 19, and 22 do not render correctly on some heads.
  • Fixed: Logos on crowd members can look too large, stretched, or wrong.
  • Fixed: The pregame lineup fails to show skill changes due to active traits such as “POW vs RHP”, etc.
  • Fixed: Post game stats tables can list pitchers in the wrong order if they were swapped in to pitch from another position.
  • Fixed: Various issues with some player walk-up and substitution announcer audio, including calls for Alani, Darrell, Burleson, Guerrero, Navy, and Schoendienst.
  • Fixed: Bat drop sound effects sometimes missing during strikeout cinematics.
  • Fixed: Minor cinematic camera issues.
  • Fixed: Pitchers are not default sorted as intended on some roster screens.
  • Fixed: When viewing a team’s roster from the Pennant Race team picker pop-up, the batting order column always includes a designated hitter instead of following the team’s DH rule when playing at home.
  • Fixed: In Franchise mode, a burly female player can unintentionally inherit the male skinny body type between seasons, leading to malformed body parts.
  • Fixed: In Franchise mode, the Loyalty column on various tables does not sort correctly.
  • Fixed: The Exhibition Team Select screen can get into a state where the party leader cannot advance and an invalid error message “Team change in progress” is provided.
  • Fixed: In Practice mode, the new batter overlay can display the incorrect Pressure level (Pressure is always Low in Practice mode).
  • Fixed: Trait help for the “Stimulated” trait incorrectly says that the trait affects Mojo instead of Fitness.
  • Fixed: The new batter cinematic shows stale skill values for a batter with an active Clutch trait following a play where the Pressure changed from Low or Medium to High or Extreme.
  • Fixed: Text highlighting colors fail to appear on various frontend screens, including the Franchise Hub standings tables and the League Leaders tables.
  • Fixed: Various minor UI issues.
  • Fixed: Rare crash in Shuffle Draft when attempting to select a player that is not shown in the projected lineup table.
  • Fixed: Game crashes when clicking the random team button in Team Hub within Franchise, Season, and Elimination modes.
  • Fixed: Rare Franchise mode crash during the offseason can lead to corrupt save data.
  • Fixed: Game crashes when opening the Player Menu and a team picked for a current Online League season has since been deleted.
  • (Switch only) Fixed: Stability issues that lead to random crashes in various areas of the game.
  • (Switch only) Fixed: Unable to navigate the Team Hub tabs when using a single Joy-Con controller after navigating to the Roster tab.

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