Unions have been a big point of discussion in 2023, as multiple industries have seen their employees band together in order to achieve better work conditions, higher pay and more. While Nintendo’s employees don’t have a union just yet, Nintendo says they would respect their employees’ right to uninionize.

In an interview with Inverse, Nintendo’s Doug Bowser spoke at length about unions. Bowser says that Nintendo staff are quite happy with the current situation at work, but if they were to ever feel slighted, the right to form a union will be there for them.

We don’t currently have unions at Nintendo of America, and part of that is driven by the employee feedback we see, which is a high degree of job satisfaction and engagement overall. You only have to look at our retention numbers, which are very, very high within the industry, and our obviously low turnover rate as a result. Our focus has always been on creating a culture that’s inclusive, has a work-life balance, and is focused on our singular mission of bringing smiles to faces.

I think we’re on the right path in terms of ensuring we’ve got a work environment and culture that allows people to be productive, to have balance in their lives, and to grow within the company. Everyone has the right to form a union, and certainly in the future, wherever it takes us, we’ll respect that. But we’re very much focused right now on how to create the best work culture and environment we possibly can.

We’re always listening to our workers and we want to make sure we have both formal and informal ways of getting worker feedback and understanding the needs of our employees and where we can improve. And we always act on that feedback. And, as I said earlier, there is always a right to form unions and we respect that.

[Doug Bowser]

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