When you look at Nintendo’s entire body of work in the games industry, it’s pretty staggering. Nintendo has been releasing videogames for 45+ years, and they’ve managed to build a huge library of amazing franchises. Those IP remain popular to this day, and only get bigger with each passing release.

What’s the secret’s long-term success? Inverse talked to Nintendo’s Doug Bowser about that topic, and he says the key is that Nintendo’s developers get as long as they need to craft an experience that’ll bring joy to fans.

One thing with Nintendo development is we don’t pressure our teams to deliver within a certain window. If they need more time, they’ll take more time. And the reason for that is our players have an expectation of the quality that our games will bring. We want to make sure we respect that and deliver those wow moments.

[Doug Bowser]

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The thing is though if Nintendo has too many projects taking awhile, that's less ammo out there to drive system sells forcing Nintendo to rely on old evergreens. That's the problem that did in the original Wii toward the end of its life.

Nintendo also sits on too many games for "rainy days". This leads to awkward release schedules that makes Nintendo prone to "game droughts" that started back in the 64 era where other platforms could get dozens of releases in a month while NIntendo platforms only got a half-dozen to a dozen releases per month (there have been a few exceptions, but you get the gidst of it).

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Those game droughts are only a real problem if you don't have much of a third party support. That's what broke the N64's and Wii's backs. I don't see the Switch running out of non Nintendo games anytime soon though.