Pokémon has released a YouTube Short revealing a new TCG card featuring Paldean Gym Leader/Elite Four member Larry. While this would be pretty minor news in the grand scheme of things what elevates this announcement is that it was delivered via a parody of the film “American Psycho”.

If you’ve not heard of the film it’s the story of Patrick Bateman an American business man who leads a secret life as a serial killer, so not necessarily the family friendly material you’d expect Pokémon to associate with. The short specifically references the famous Business card scene which we will be including down below for you to compare (scene starts around the 1:25 mark).

Despite the macabre subject matter, the film has been a breeding ground for memes in recent times so it’s not surprising it would be parodied by a larger company like Pokémon. The parody especially makes sense when you consider that this was made to promote a card featuring Larry who is a business man himself… hopefully that’s the only similarity between Larry and Bateman!

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8M ago

The "How do you do, fellow kids?" of their social media has become truly insufferable.

Social media was a mistake.


8M ago

I had no idea about the movie American Psycho or this business card scene, it was pretty funny to watch out of context.

The pokemon parody was pretty funny too!


8M ago


I'm pretty sure the 'fellow kids' wouldn't get this reference.