Fate/Samurai Remnant launched on Switch recently, and it seems to be off to a great start. That definitely has made the dev team happy, as they had quite a tough time with some of the character designs during development.

Famitsu magazine recently had an interview with multiple members of the Fate/Samurai Remnant dev team, and they provided some insight into the behind-the-scenes struggles that were faced. In particular, the team had quite a tough time bringing the character designs together, as multiple facets were considered. You can read some of the challenges they faced below. (h/t Siliconera)

  • Tamamo Aria’s inclusion was due to the devs wanting to debut the Tamamo Nine characters
  • Kou Shibusawa, producer/creator at Koei Tecmo, wanted to make a Fate game with Type-Moon
  • Shibusawa had an interest in doing this due to his appreciation for Fate/Grand Order
  • Takeuchi stated that a Shimosa-like setting would be ideal, which led to Fate/Samurai Remnant
  • due to the Edo era, the Masters had to be designed to fit into that worldview
  • Iori was very difficult to design and initially looked like a Warriors character with a fancy outfit
  • the team wanted Iori to look like someone who’d fit in with the scenery of Edo, Japan
  • Saber was also difficulty, with concept being a black-haired Artoria
  • in the end, Saber has much sharper features than the original Artoria
  • Archer was another character difficulty to design
  • he was included to reaffirm to fans that they were playing a Koei Tecmo game
  • the version of Archer that appears in Dynasty Warriors isn’t as young as they are in Fate/Samurai Remnant

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