Evil Nun: The Broken Mask was announced for Switch back in early September, and we’ve already gotten a release date. With the new trailer above, we’ve learned that the title will see release on Dec. 7th, 2023. Some might have hoped this one would be out in time for Halloween, but I guess December will have to do!

You have been selected to participate in a religious summer camp that promises to be the ideal place to make friends and spend the summer. As soon as you arrive to this place, you realize that it is a hoax. You are locked in a dilapidated school guarded by an evil nun.

“Evil Nun: The Broken Mask” is a horror game in which you have to escape from Sister Madeline, a nun who punishes children with her gigantic hammer. You will have to escape from the school at all costs, although along the way you will discover that you are not the only child trapped. You will have to solve all kinds of puzzles and mysteries to complete the game and end this nightmare forever.

Play stealthily by hiding from the evil nun or dare to face her and start a persecution around the school shooting gumballs and activating all kinds of booby traps. Every match will be different. The nun’s AI will surprise you by reaching every corner of the school.

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