Indie publisher Sometimes You, together with talented indie developer, Nikolai Usachev, today announced the soon to be released superb looking top down roguelike action-shooter Fusion Paradox.

Releasing on Switch on 1st November 2023, this accomplished, all out action romp, mixes exploring, with fast paced shooting that delivers a high octane experience for gamers who like a challenge plus plenty of surprises.

Fight the forces and anomalies that have captured the Agency. Defy the ancient goddess of war and free it!

You assume the role of one of the special agents who arrived at the Agency for Supernatural Threat Reduction in response to a red alert signal. Waking up in a secret laboratory, the hero realises that all the agency’s employees have lost their sanity, and he himself has been subjected to strange energy influences, experiencing momentary amnesia and gaining the ability to change his state. Passing through numerous obstacles and battling hordes of the possessed, you will have to reach the source of the threat to free the agency and prevent the danger from spreading to the outside world.

Fusion Paradox features secret rooms with engaging puzzles that provide additional bonuses. There are characters in the game who offer significant bonuses in case the player fails. Furthermore, the game incorporates classic roguelike mechanics, such as procedurally generated levels with each new playthrough after the hero’s death, dozens of weapon types, numerous unique skills and a variety of enemy types.

In the agency building, there are five floors located in different temporal and spatial dimensions. Mystical events occur here that transcend ordinary time and space. If a place is contaminated, supernatural phenomena can repeat in it even centuries later, as if disrupting the fabric of time. Scientists and magicians investigate the nature of the emergence of anomalous zones in various historical periods by travelling back in time. To reduce the growth and impact of unidentified threats, the administration decided to relocate these spaces from their temporal periods inside the agency building, allocating entire floors for them.

During the course of progressing through the floors, the player may come across obelisks of power that provide permanent bonuses to various attributes: additional lives for the yellow and blue heroes, increased movement speed, damage boost, and reduced cooldown time between dashes. These enhancements stay with the player even after the character’s death.

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