Another Crusade has been updated to Ver. 1.2. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Fixed the issue of opening a chest when having a full inventory and entering battle.
  • EASY MODE now available – You can select the difficulty when starting a new game, or change it later in the options menu.
  • Item restoration after a game over – You will now retain the last items you had before entering a fight, allowing you to use them without concern for losing them in battle.
  • Added a landing point indicator for the Swamp platforming puzzle – This will display where Rai will land after a jump, specifically on the platforms in the Swamp level.
  • Varenna’s sequence input background – When casting any of Varenna’s magic that requires a specific input sequence, a small background will appear behind the buttons, making them easier to see.
  • Addresses reported issues
  • Introduces a ‘Color Saturation’ option, useful for OLED systems.

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