It’s been delay after delay for Enchanted Portals, and that’s especially true of the Switch version. While all platforms saw a lengthy delay, the Switch version has been held back even longer than others, with the most recent delay coming just weeks before the expected arrival. Thankfully, it appears we now have the final, firm release date for Switch.

For those that live in Europe, Enchanted Portals is going to be available in just a matter of hours. The European version of the game is slated for launch on Oct. 24th, 2023, but North American Switch owners will have to wait until Nov. 1st, 2023. Of course, since the Switch is region-free, you can always just hop on the Euro eShop no matter where you live and grab the game on the 24th.

Enchanted Portals, which has been favorably compared to Cuphead, tells the story of Bobby and Penny, two rookie magicians stuck between dimensions who will have to face numerous dangers in order to retrieve the Magic Book and be able to return home safely.

With catchy music, charming old-timey art, and non-stop comedy, Enchanted Portals is a co-op 2D platformer that will keep you on your toes. Whether you’re playing solo or with a friend, the magic never stops and the action is always fast-paced and whimsical. Join Bobby and Penny on their quest and see where the adventure takes you!

Enchanted Portal is a cooperative 2D platform game developed using Unreal Engine, created by a two-person Spanish studio, Xixo Games Studio. Enchanted Portals is also a recipient of the prestigious Epic Megagrant from Epic Games.

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