Just like every other Pokémon product, the Pokémon TCG Classic is going to be a huge hit. The Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic features a foldable, portable two-player game board complete with card placement zones for your Active Pokémon, Benched Pokémon, deck, discard pile, and Prize cards. Since this board features a compartment at the center, it can also hold up to three decks and a toolbox featuring accessories you need for battling.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic is set to arrive on Nov. 17th, 2023, and over in Japan, Pokémon Co. is opening a special pre-order lottery to accommodate customers. Those interested can sign up for the lottery today, with entrants allowed up to Oct. 27th, 2023. The winners will be announced after November 21st, 2023, those chosen will have a chance to purchase.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic includes:

  • 3 60-card decks starring Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise
  • 3 deck boxes
  • 3 sets of card sleeves
  • 1 two-player game board
  • 1 toolbox case with randomizer
  • 2 sets of damage counter cones
  • 2 sets of condition markers

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