Ebenezer and The Invisible World, the hand-drawn Metroidvania fantasy reimagination of Charles Dickens’ classic ghost story A Christmas Carol, kicks off the Holiday season early on Switch November 3, as revealed during The MIX Next online showcase.

Discover a Holiday haunting for the ages starring literary legend Ebenezer Scrooge, fresh from his reckoning with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come. Far from the greedy miser in A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer now serves as an unlikely harbinger of hope for the lost souls of Victorian London.

With his newfound ability to see the invisible ghostly world others cannot, Ebenezer visits unsettled spirits and shepherds them toward peace. However, corruption has a new name: a wealthy industrialist named Caspar Malthus. Warned of Malthus’ overreach and desire to crush the vulnerable working class under his feet, Ebenezer sets off into a dangerous realm filled with spooks and spirits alike to defend the downtrodden.

Dash through the cobblestone streets of London, encountering malicious phantoms and Malthus’ private guards along the way. Fortunately, Ebenezer has spirits up his sleeve. Summon familiar ghosts with distinct abilities, including impressive attacks, movement skills, and potent buffs. Repel the Unrepentant Ghosts lingering in the wake of the Dark Spirit’s return.

Investigate awe-inspiring locations including the magical London Observatory, the underground Necropolis, and the Old Bedlam Hospital. Traverse the invisible world, solving puzzles, collecting rare materials, and defeating ghastly bosses along the way. Master an intricate Metroidvania map filled with gorgeous, hand-drawn art with frame-by-frame coloring and animations, set to a dramatic soundtrack of reimagined Holiday favorites.

Customize builds with ghostly weapons like swords and axes, and precious heirlooms including Hannibal’s Satchel, Maria’s Charm and Sibyl’s Crystal Sphere. Craft items and unlock new abilities and upgrades to ensure survival. Take on sidequests and encounter friendly NPCs, each with their own harrowing backstories, that may lend a hand in times of distress.

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