Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur has been updated to Ver. 1.0.2. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Quality of life improvements

  • Secondary skills automatically refresh after clearing an area
  • Adjusted Arthur’s default movement speed
  • Adjusted Lancelot’s, Bors’s, and Bedivere’s skill cooldown
  • Added a quest display on the pause menu
  • Removed Arthur’s falling animation when teleporting to other rooms
  • Removed Arthur’s animation after buying from the merchant
  • Reduced the hold time needed to select a blessing
  • Added a max level upgrade indicator on the blacksmith upgrade window (up to level 20)
  • The mason now can be recruited in Brochalant Forest
  • Sword level and skill level are now displayed on the player stats menu
  • The merchant now sells giant souls
  • Fixed a misspelled name in the credits
  • Fixed the size of the merchant window

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the gem merchant’s “Envy Gem” speed bonus value
  • Fixed an issue where the Void Giant was unable to be attacked in certain positions
  • Fixed a localization error on the quest menu in FR and ES
  • Fixed the values of all gem blessings
  • Fixed Galahad’s Bounty Hunter upgrade
  • Fixed certain status effect blessings that did not work alongside similar blessings
  • Giants are now susceptible to some status effects (poison, burn, weak)
  • Fixed the flower cart that previously increased player attack damage
  • Fixed the Void Giant and Architect defeat achievements
  • Fixed the Totem mini boss laser attack telegraph visual bug
  • Fixed the game becoming unresponsive on a loading screen
  • Giant souls from the merchant are now retained when returning to Camelot
  • Fixed Percival’s “Cavalric Stance” blessing description to display 20% (priorly 2%)


  • Adjusted the Pan Piper’s survival challenge duration
  • Rebalanced the Pan Piper’s wave challenge
  • Rebalanced the values of sword upgrades at the blacksmith
  • Adjusted the unlock requirements for knight statues/swords to be available earlier
  • Adjusted Arthur’s hitbox
  • Adjusted the attack range and damage of some swords
  • Adjusted the blessing effect & value of some sword blessings
  • Increased gold and soul orb drop amount
  • Reduced enemy attack anticipation duration
  • Increased enemy attack damage
  • Reduced Solpion’s attack range
  • Removed the attack spd. bonus from blacksmith upgrades
  • Reduced Toadstool Monarch’s ring attack damage
  • Reduced attack damage & duration of Gawain’s skills
  • Fixed enemy difficulty scaling
  • Blacksmith upgrades now increase the damage of secondary skills
  • Blacksmith upgrade progression will now unlock based on the kingdom level
  • Remove a collision block from Brochalant Forest

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