Inspector Waffles Early Days is a Game Boy game still in development! The devs are running this crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds for physical production and offer collector limited editions that won’t be available once the campaign is over.

Inspector Waffles Early Days is the prequel of Inspector Waffles, the adventure/detective game released in 2021. This time, you follow a younger Waffles, a cunning and witty cat, in his first days as an Inspector who wants to prove to everyone that he is more than just a rookie.

Your partner, Pancakes, is an experienced Inspector and probably the only one at the police station that isn’t an incompetent policecat.

With this top-tier team, catching bad guys could sound easy, but beware… Your future worst enemy is hiding in the shadows, waiting for you to make the first mistake.

If you want to help bring Inspector Waffles: Early Days to the Game Boy, you can pledge some funds to the Kickstarter here.

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