Bohemia Interactive is announcing the release of Vigor Chronicles: Malediction, the latest chapter in the series for their free-to-play looter-shooter, Vigor. The new update, which is available right now, introduces the new Taiga 21 automatic shotgun, Myren as a new map in Elimination mode and brand-new Leaderboards across all game modes.

Unfold The Next Chapter of Vigor Chronicles

This new update focuses on new and improved Leaderboards, where players will be able to keep track of various stats across all game modes. Myren also enters as the latest Elimination map, having been introduced in Encounters and Shootout in previous seasons. Last but not least, a horror-themed Battle Pass just in time for Halloween season, will bring some bonechilling cosmetics, the brand-new Booster Tickets and the horrifying Taiga 21 shotgun!

Feature list

  • Battle Pass Chronicles: Malediction
  • Experience Myren in Elimination mode
  • Shred your enemies with automatic shotgun - Taiga 21
  • Augment your progression with Booster Tickets
  • Compete with other Outlanders thanks to brand new Leaderboards
  • New premium pack: Vigor - Instigator of Doom drops
  • New charity pack: Vigor - Civilians Thank Veterans arrives
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