How time flies when you’re having legendary gaming fun! It’s now 27 years since Tomb Raider hit the video gaming scene and its heroine, Lara Croft made her swan dive debut.

To celebrate this milestone, Numskull has partnered with Crystal Dynamics to create a sensational ‘Classic Lara Croft’ TUBBZ cosplaying collectible paying homage to her original 90s polygon glory. This character kicks off the Tomb Raider collection, so Raiders fans stay tuned.

The detail is phenomenal, every edge and corner looks like the original 90s Lara but in the form of a Duck! The facial features and hair have been captured to perfection and she is, of course, wearing her signature tank top, brown shorts, holstered belt and fingerless gloves, paying tribute to the classic era. She’s in survival mode and has her dual-wielded pistols ready for more adventures.


A TUBBZ really is extra special as a ‘First Edition’ as Lara comes in a gold and teal bathtub, (complimenting her tank top). This features the Tomb Raider logo and ‘First Edition’ is stamped on the base of the duck with a ‘First Edition’ sticker on the packaging. The gold featured on the packaging itself is foil-blocked – shimmering to reflect the ‘treasure’ this TUBBZ really is. Raiders won’t want to miss out on this!

You can place your pre-order for the TUBBZ Classic Lara Croft for $25 through this link.

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