The debut trailer for Super Mario Bros. Wonder was full of eye-catching moments, but one of the biggest stand-out segments was the silhouette portion. Not only was it striking with its colorful background and dark visuals, it also showed off a silly stretch mechanic for Mario and the baddies surrounding him.

Now that Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been out for nearly a week. there’s no doubt you’ve encountered one of these silhouette stages for yourself. While they’re an absolute joy to explore and a visual feast as well, you might be wondering just how Nintendo pulled off the unique presentation. Thanks to some hard-working fans, we now have an answer.

Modders have cooked up a tweak for Super Mario Bros. Wonder that turns the lights on in a silhouette stage, pulling back the curtain on how the effect is achieved. While the stages look lovely during normal play, seeing things with the lights on shows Nintendo took a rather straightforward approach in not only draping Mario in shadows, but stretching him as well. It’s certainly simple, but no less effective!

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