Back at MegaHobby Expo 2023, we learned that Amakuni was cooking up a Persona 5 Royal figure of Ann Takamaki wearing the Shujin Academy School Uniform. Today, we’ve learned that the figure will see release in Japan sometime between September and October 2024. It also comes with a $161 price tag.

The Amakuni Persona 5 Royal Ann Takamaki figure features a dynamic pose, showing Ann in her Shujin Academy uniform while holding her signature “Panther” mask from her Phantom Thief outfit. If you’d like to check out more pictures of the Ann Takamaki figure, you can find a sizable gallery here.

Ann is a very kind and compassionate girl, enough for it to be noted by both Morgana and Sojiro Sakura. Years of isolation due to her looks have left her very withdrawn, with the belief that she’s lost her place in the world, but this hasn’t stopped her from opening up to the people close to her and have fun. She’s able to press on without caring about the opinions of others due to her friendship with Shiho Suzui, who was her first real friend in Japan before joining the Phantom Thieves. (h/t Fandom)

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